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"Now, CarryHOTMade4u: Custom Food Delivery Solutions"
Why settle? Custom design your food transporter, specifically configured and manufactured to fit your needs and budget. Manufactured in the USA by CarryHOT, leading American Manufacturer since 1932. No minimums, 15 color choices and combinations. Quotes provided within 24 hours. Turn-around shipping time for finished orders, as quickly as 48 hours.

Easy, just fill in YOUR specifications:

Contact name:



City: State: Zip:



Nature of Business:




Your Transporter Design: check or fill in

1. Delivery Mode:

Automobile Van Bike

Foot Other:


2. Food Delivery:

Hot Cold


2A. Beverage Delivery:

Hot Cold


3. Temperature Retainment Requirements: (Hours:Minutes)

(H): (M):


4. Container Sizes: Length x Width x Height

(L): (W): (H):


5. Containers Per Delivery:


6. Container Material:

Corrogated Aluminum Paper

Plastic Styrofoam Other:

7. Number of Delivery Persons:


8. Delivery Loading/Unloading Preference:

Top Side


9. Stops Per Run:


10. Times Transporter Will Be Opened:


11. Straps, Choose One

Carry Strap Backpack Strap Shoulder Strap

12. Exterior Delivery Window/Pocket:

Yes No


12A. If Yes, Window Size: Length x Height

(L): (H):


12B. Window Placement

Top Side


13. Choice of TriGuard tear-proof stock colors (up to 3):

Black Red Green Day-Glo Teal White Yellow

Orange Wine Purple Navy Blue Aqua Clear


14. Printing
Yes No

14A. If Yes, Logo Size: Length x Height

14B. Window Placement
Top Side

15. Quantity Needed:

16. Budget per Transporter:

17. Other Considerations:





Or fax your sketches with notes to: 212-279-0734.

Would you like to discuss your ideas? Please call 1-800-946-8224 anytime, email us at carryhot@aol.com


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